Friday, December 21, 2012

My Runaround Bag

You might remember me auditioning fabrics for a new bag a while back. It was the end of October and I was planning to make a Runaround Bag using Anna's fantastic pattern. I wasn't quite sure which way to go with my fabric choices, so I posed the question to you. After sharing my initial ideas and getting your input on which to use, I actually did make the bag! I decided to use the Origins/ Echo bundle. It was a tough choice between that and the Anna Maria Horner fabrics, but in the end it came down to the scale of the prints. I thought these seemed to match best with the design and size of the bag.

But as with life, as soon as I finished making my bag, I moved on to other projects and deadlines on my to-do list and simply forgot to take photos. When we recently had a lucky sunny day here in Seattle; I decided that it was high time to get those photos taken to share this finish with you.

Runaround Bag

The Runaround Bag has more of a soft, slouchy shape to it than your average tote. It features lots of gathers and pleats that give it body and fullness, while also adding a little extra texture. I really like the pleated detail on the front of the bag especially. It's simple, but makes the bag a bit more interesting.

Runaround Bag

The straps are sewn in two parts, but look continuous as they meet the fullness of the body of the bag. This is especially true if the fabrics used on the exterior and interior of the strap match those of the body of the bag. I decided to do something a little different with my straps and use a contrasting fabric on the inside to add a little extra color. Since I used a neutral grey print for the lining of my bag, the pop of yellow was a welcome detail I think. : ) 

Runaround Bag (Strap detail)

I also continued with the pops of yellow inside the bag. Bright yellow zipper<check>. Bright yellow pocket linings<check and check>.

Runaround Bag (interior detail)
Runaround Bag (Pocket detail)

Finally, I did want to let you guys know about an issue that I ran into when I printed out my pattern pieces. With my computer/printer set-up, I learned that it's really important to first download a PDF pattern completely -THEN- open it in adobe reader rather than just opening an online preview and printing it. That is the only way to ensure that the scaling remains true to size (even if you click the box that says 100% scaling).

When I measured the 1 inch box on the pattern print-out, it was the correct size width-wise, but slightly off length-wise. I thought this was strange, but figured that maybe the hand-drawn scale wasn't 100% accurate. Plus it was only off by about 1/8 of an inch--how much could that really matter? Unfortunately, my print-out was slightly skewed (thanks to my printer) and in my laziness eagerness to get started I didn't think to reprint. So long story short, my bag is actually a mini version of the actual pattern size. : )

Runaround Bag

Even at a smaller size, it's still plenty roomy enough for me as an everyday bag. I can fit a book or two and my essentials with space to spare. The pockets are also awesome and really add to the spaciousness of the bag. I would totally make this one again, maybe even the correct size the second time around. ; )

I'm going to be taking some time off from blogging next week to celebrate and spend time with my family, so I'd like to wish you happy holidays and if I don't catch you before the 1st, a wonderful New Year!

Runaround Bag

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  1. Beautiful bag and I particularly like the lining. I always love a little secret something inside.

  2. Such a pretty bag, Jenelle! And it seems especially appropriate for Seattle- little peeks of sunshine. Thanks for the tip about the scaling. This bag is one that has been on my list to make for a while now, but I honestly would have never even checked the scale! Happy Holidays!

  3. What a gorgeous bag. The yellow pops are perfect. Thank you for the note about how to fix that printing problem. I've run across that before, frustrated because I'd made sure the 100% scale was checked, but I never figured out how to get around it. Now I know. ;D

  4. It's lovely! It just gives you the opportunity to make another! :)

  5. Very nice, and love the co-ordinating wall you found for its photo shoot :oD

  6. Oh-so-pretty, Jenelle! The shots of yellow inside are a lovely surprise.

  7. So so lovely. I am such a fabric bag junky! I love the design and the fabric and you can never never have enough pockets! Thanks for linking up on my blog this week. Cheers, Karen

  8. so pretty! great fabric choices. Glad you enjoyed the pattern. :)


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